Patents with Micro-organism

A patent for abalone remover

A patent for deodorization and eel farming

A patent for chlorella, an ultra-tiny algae

A patent for fermented liquid compost made of livestock waste

Patents with Sulfur

A patent for sulfur rice

A patent for detoxified sulfur

A patent for removal green algae

A patent for water flee

A patent for the sulfur cabbage

A patent for water fungus

A patent for trunk injection fluid for its recovery


FDA certificate

INNO-BIZ certificate

MAIN-BIZ certificate

Venture business company certificate

Registration approval of RDA certificate

Small business certificate

Female-owned company certificate

Affiliated laboratory certificate

Manufacturing supplementary feed certificate

Feed ingredient registration certificate(Rapha-Clean)

Feed ingredient registration certificate(Raphael)

Supplementary feed ingredient registration certificate(Super-ecom)

Feed ingredient registration certificate(Rapha-Eco)

Manufacturing single ingredient feed certificate

Manufacturing single ingredient feed certificate(detoxified sulfur) 1

Manufacturing single ingredient feed certificate(detoxified sulfur) 2

Feed test report of Raphael

Feed test certificate of Rapha-Clean

Patents with trademark

Certificate of trademark registraion(Rapha-Eco)

Certificate of trademark registraion(Rapha-Clean)

Certificate of trademark registraion(L-bio detoxified sulfur)

Certificate of trademark registraion(Raphael)

Test and experiment report in various laboratories

Test reports about micro-organism

Test report about plantarum

Test report about viscosity

Test report about microorganism compound

Test report about flash point

Test report about analyzing BOD

Experiment of parafarraginis oral toxicity

Flame resistance test

Progress report of analyzing micro-organism

Test report about fermented liquid compost made of livestock waste(Balancing tank)

sulfur water MSDS

sulfur water MSDS 2

Test reports about sulfur

Sulfur flame point and pH level measurement test report

Honeybee toxicity test report

Acute oral toxicity test report

Acute oral toxicity2-2 test report

Fishwater fish toxicity2-2 test report

Water flea test report

Detoxified sulfur test report

Sulfur water test report

Toxicity experiment of detoxified sulfur

Side-effect experiment test report

Side-effect test report

Sulfur cabbage test report

Cabbage, beans and rice test report

Sulfur water MSDS test report

Sulfur water MSDS 2 test report

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