Eco-friendly microorganism compound, twelve strains extracted from Korean medicinal herb, is produced for wide purposes in agriculture, livestock, and fishing.


  • Fermented Compost
  • Eco-friendly microorganism products
  • Compost made from food waste
  • Liquid compost made from food waste
  • Pesticide-free preventive methods for the control of disease and insect damage
  • Methods for augmenting sweetness of fruits
  • Improvements for high-quality and large harvests.
  • Improvement of earth.

In Daily Life

  • Ferment and use the used water from washing rice.
  • Apply to the usage of fermented food
  • Ferment food waste
  • Relieve symptoms of sick building syndrome
  • Increase the prevalence of super lactobacillus soup
  • Lay out an eco-friendly vegetable garden
  • Improve the living environment
  • Provide a single product for the purpose of detergent and shampoo


  • Ferment used water from washing rice
  • Develop a super lactobacillus dirt ball
  • Develop a super lactobacillus soup
  • Produce environment enhancing products
  • Produce fermented food
  • Lay out eco-friendly vegetable garden
  • Deodorize nursing homes


  • Non-antibiotic feed
  • Enhance meat quality
  • Animal waste- fermented compost
  • Odor Removal
  • Improve living conditions of farming animals
  • Upgrade environment in the livestock industry
  • Increase immune system in the livestock industry

Improve quality of recycling and recycling facilities. Increase resource and energy efficiency

Sewage Treatment

  • Sewage and waste water treatment
  • Save rivers, streams, and seas
  • Improve the environment of landfills and incineration plants
  • Solve soil pollution problems
  • Prevent dangers of new buildings
  • Prevent brine injury and desertification
  • Fermented food for health and medical purposes


For a long time, the existence of sulfur has been known. In ancient times, burning sulfur was used for fumigation. After that it was also used as medicine or gunpowder. On the Earth, native sulfur (elemental sulfur) is obtained from salt domes, but a large quantity of sulfur compounds are extracted over a wide area. Native sulfur can be found near volcanic regions in many parts of the world such as America, Japan, and Italy. Sulfur compounds include sulfide minerals, such as pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, cinnabar, and others; and the sulfates, such as gypsum, and barite. In addition to these sulfur compounds, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid can be found from volcanic gas, hot spring, and mineral spring. Sulfur is an essential element for all life. Protein contains a large quantity of sulfur amino acids.

Benefits of Sulfur

  • 1. Prevention of cancer
  • 2. Alleviation of skin disorders
  • 3. Sperm fortification
  • 4. Control of cholesterol synthesis and decomposition thrombosis and artery plaque.
  • 5. Improvement of bone and joint health
  • 6. Relief of inflammation and useful for sterilization
  • 7. Management of urination and constipation
  • 8. Treatment of diabetes
  • 9. Effective for joint inflammation
  • 10. Treatment for heart disease

What Is Native Sulfur?

Enhance and strengthen bones and muscles: native sulfur helps weakened muscles and bones become strong, heals stubborn wound, and kills endoparasite. Hair loss prevention(sourced from Shinnongbonchogyeong): natural sulfur helps hair maintain a sleek and dark appearance. Sulfur-containing amino acids work on keeping a healthy metabolism.

Although sulfur has powerful effects with a wide range of applicability, it must only be used after removing toxic elements in it. If not performed, sulfur's side effects can include lethargy. Sulfur Duck(Youhwang Ori) that is fed detoxified sulfur is a well-known example. We at L-biotech, specializing in microorganisms, use the native sulfur from Kawah Ijen Volcano and have developed a sound method for detoxifying surful.

Sulfur Water Effects

Sulfur has a great preventive efficacy against a wide range of crop diseases and insects through foliage and drench treatment. Such treatments lead to thicker leaves and stems and a higher water concentration, resulting in fruits that taste much sweeter. Sulfur is different from pesticides used after crops damaged by disease and insects.

Sulfur Water Effects

  • It is liquefied from the solid obtained from active volcano and nontoxic to humans and animals.
  • It works quite well in controlling causes of molds and germs.
  • It increases the rate of absorption by a combination of detoxified sulfur and minerals.
  • It stresses fish populations at a low rate, because this natural, eco-friendly product doesn’t develop resistance.

Differences with other companies’ sulfur products

The Kawah Ijen Mountain in Indonesia is an active volcano. We import the whole amount of sulfur for our products from Kawah Ijen whose sulfur emerges from deep inside the volcano, contacts the air, and is solidified.
Desulfurization is the process of removing sulfur from petroleum refineries. Through this process sulfur is collected, and such sulfur is used by 99% of all Koreans.
  • The most important factor in sulfur products is their absorption ability.
  • Our products, however, are liquefied both to raise absorption capacity and to prevent aviation disaster.
  • With respect to other companies’ products, our competitors say that the sulfur in their products is made into nanoparticles, 5,000-mesh in size, which means their products cannot be used for aviation disaster prevention. Even if such products had one and 1 millionth particle-size, they would still not be effective for such purposes.
Sulfur from petroleum refinery process leaves black spots on leaves when it meets sunshine during the spraying process. If this happens, crop growth depression can occur.
The products are made by the fermentation of microorganisms, after the sulfur is liquefied from petroleum refinery. The microorganism can be alive in pH12.

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