L-biotech, a company specializing in the technological development of organic agriculture, livestock, and fisheries, was established to increase competitiveness in the quality and functional capacity of the Korean agricultural, livestock, and fishing industries.

How are things?
As eco-friendly biological researchers, we provide various agricultural, livestock, and fishery products produced by our own research and development.

As the import of low-priced products and consumer preference for safe choices continue to grow rapidly, the organic agriculture, livestock, and fishing industries require development for high quality and functional products.

We promise that we will help farmers achieve competitiveness in the production of high-quality, functional products that safely conserve the natural environment. Moreover, with our full effort, we will continue to research and develop for the improvement of Korean agricultural, livestock, and fishery industries.

Agricultural Corporation L-biotech Company

Enhance competitiveness of Korean agricultural, livestock, and fishing industries
by using effective microorganisms and eco-friendly farming methods in agriculture, livestock and fishing!

Vision & Mission

  • Development and Research of compound microorganisms; patent registration (No.10-1187731) - deordorization / water purification
  • Manufacturing process of abalone remover by using EM (effective microorganisms); patent registration (No.10-1165686)
  • EM Detoxified Sulfur and its use; patent registration (No.10-1334157)
  • Composition of feed for sea cucumbers (in which the main ingredient is chlorella, an ultra-tiny algae.) patent registration (No.10-14495575)
  • Effective Sulfur Rice using detoxified sulfur and its usage; patent registration (No.10-1547922)
  • Sulfur Water Treatment, its usage for water purification and the removal green algae; patent registration (No.10-1619932)
  • Provide effective microorganisms for deodorization and enhancement of meat quality.
    - Supply products to livestock farms (cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc.)
    - Manufacture and provide microorganism incubators.
    - Resister supplementary feed; probiotic product.
    - Resister single ingredient(detoxified sulfur) feed
    - Production of Sulfur Rice
    - Removal of green algae product.
  • Provide EM(effective microorganisms) for water purification - Supply products to livestock sewage plants for animal waste and water purification company.
  • Manufacture and Provide abalone remover.
  • Research and Develop organic products
  • Develop organic sulfur rice
  • Improve and extend the measures for removing green algae with sulfur


Manufacturing process of fermented liquid compost made of livestock waste with reduced odor and a lower heavy-metal content ; patent registration (No.10-2016-0082276)
Composition for removing unpleasant odors and heavy metal content; patent registration (No.10-2016-0020353)
Sulfur water treatment and its use in water purification and the removal green algae; patent registration (No.10-1619932)
Manufacturing process and use of an eco-friendly treatment of water fungus using detoxified sulfur water. ; patent registration (No.10-2016-0057883)
Certificate of Venture Business Company(No.20160100213)
Certificate of INNO-BIZ
Certificate of MAIN-BIZ, Environment, Management Certification pending
Developmnet business in commercialization of marin technique(an eco-friendly treatment effective on water fungus using detoxified sulfur.
Female-owned business certification, Affiliated labarotory certification
· Manufacturing process of EM (effective microorganism) abalone remover; patent registration (No.10-1165686)
· EM Detoxified Sulfur and its usage ; patent registration (No.10-1334157)
· Composition of feed for sea cucumbers (in which the main ingredient is chlorella, an ultra-tiny algae.);
patent registration (No.10-1449557)
· Effective, detoxified sulfur rice and its use ; patent registration (No.10-1547922)
· Sulfur Water Treatment and its usage for water purification and the removal green algae ; patent registration
· Improve immune system of trees and recovery of tree trunk by injection liquid containing sulfur ; patent
registration (No.10-2014-0138792) and 3 patent registrations, Trademark registraion(No.1-2011-056922-9)
· Certification of products list
· Business founding Growth - Business of technique development(Develop Rapha-Green.S ; fermented liquid
compost made of livestock waste)
· Supplementary feed registration (SN.Jeonnam6460000-502-2015-0001), Ingredients registration
VVIUK0001(GGLVF0001), VVIUK0002(GGLVF0002), VVIUK0003(GGLVF0003), VVIUK0004,
micro-organism extraction
·Single ingredient(detoxified sulfur) feed Registration(No.4850000-034-2015-0001), Ingredients registration
(SN. GGLVH0001), (SN. GLVH0002), (SN. GGLVH0003), (SN. VVIUE0001), (SN. VVIUE0002)
· Registration approval of sulfur water by RDA(SN. Gongsi-1-4-009)
· Salt tolerance experiment of EM, consigment and registration of patent of micro-organism
(No.10-1165686, No.10-1187731)
· Consigment of micro-organism(KCTC12357BP) and a patent pending of PCT (PCT/KR2013/001714)
· Lactobacillus parafarraginis strain(works on deordorization and eel farm) and its Usage ;
Registration of a patent (No.10-1187731)
· Lactobacillus parafarraginis strain~ Raphael (certified from FDA)
· Obtain chinese patent (No.2014090400879840)
· CEO changes (from CEO Lee Sang Yeong to CEO Kim Mi Hee)
· Established L-biotech, Agricultural Corporation Company.



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